the soy god

... I was reading about how in old Taoist teaching,
the soy god, was said to have given soy to humans
as one of the few godly things to eat

... it's amazing how little soy one needs per day,
if you are just a couch potato, sitting around most of
the day

... as little as one eighth of a cup of dry soybeans,
makes a tasty cold bean soup sort of thing, called Soy Milk,
and can feed you good protein all day long

... I like it sweet in the morning, in cereal with brown rice and
chunks of sugar in it ... it reminds me of vanilla ice cream

... a healthy replacement for an old addiction

... when the soy milk is made, the milk is separated from
the omkara, but I like it kept together, the omkara acts
as a healthy thickener

... I think it could be made into milkshakes of all flavors,
and puddings... and it's a healthy mixture of brown rice and soy

... so I thank the soy god, and ask the Great One above, to rain
in such a way to make the soy harvest is good and plentiful

... it was given to us long ago in karma history, long live soy!

© 2012 by zentara