take good care kid

... there is alot of talk about curing this or
that disease lately, but my advice to everyone is
to stay home and sleep alot

... slow yourself down, and feel what it would be like
to be a survivalist living out on your own on the prairie

... camped out in a tipi with no food stamps, trying to survive

... back in them days the immenent disaster was a wild grasslands
fire, that would consume all oxygen in the air, so that the
survivor-wannabes, hiding in the sod hut cabins, would not
bake in heat, but die of suffocation from no O2

... we are luckier now, we die from too much soda pop
and getting driven around everywhere

... people have to walk and bike more, it's the only sane way to go

... but it's a forking insane world, so take good care of yourself

... brush your teeth everytime after eating, you may be forced to
live on popcorn for awhile

... I actually think that the mythical manna from heaven, was actually

... so brush your teeth, so you too one day can live on the manna, popcorn

... I'm getting older now, and prefer the brown rice to popcorn, but
every once in awhile I like some air-popped corn with a good oil and soy
sauce sprinkled on it

... I go at it like a pig feeding at the trough of the corn goddess

... I love the corn goddess, the old american indians had myths and
oral traditions, on how the corn goddess came down from the heavens,
or rose up out of the sea, and gave us corn

... hot buttered sweetcorn is one of the best things to eat on earth

... at least for a few week anyways, then it's best as tortillas and liquor :-)

© 2012 by zentara