the need to eat

... an army marches on its stomachs

... why do we need to eat?... wouldn't the ultimate
revolution be against food itself?

... I mean shouldn't real freedom mean that you
don't even need to eat to have energy to get up
and do what needs to be done?

... we are forced into laboring, just to feed ourselves

... I think that is what the Bretharian dream is, where you
do not need to eat food, and yet you maintain form and strength in this material

... all you need is to absorb the proper energy fields, and et voila,
you have energy and power to do things ... the old Vedics called it transmutation

... I guess eating is one of the prices forced on us, at entrance
into the material world ... if our spirit wanted material form, we needed
to ingest and hold onto some atoms and molecules of this world we entered

... maybe the Original Sin was eating itself? ... because it's probably gluttony
of some sort that will probably kill me ... whether it's guzzling down fermented
grain, or overly salted brown rice dishes, concockted to avoid the monotony of eating
it everyday

... one needs to add spice to life, to create a slight ying/yang rythem off of
the brown rice and soy baseline diet

... you have to make it tasty somehow, as food has become the last refuge of
free delights on this planet... it's something the universe has forced upon us,
and we are making a pleasurable delight out of this eating game

... food has become something to look forward to, for the sheer pleasure of eating
it ... a pleasure only surpassed by water quenching a desperate thirst

... anyways, on your own personal path to paradise, try to go to a place
where you don't have to eat food or drink water, to have form and energy
... that may not be in the material world

... just try to absorb the free energy around you, ride the Time Wave, it's free

... just suppose for an instance, that there is an invisible field in all that hidden
matter out there, and that we can learn to absorb it as an energy source?... maybe in
some bizzare enzymatic action, which acts like photosynthesis in an animal cell

... am I crazy yet doctor? :-)

© 2012 by zentara