people are crazy

... where is Batman when you really need him?

... if there was anytime in human history, where
the corrupt Metroplois needs Batman to come... it's now

... tell the police commissioner to turn on the BatLight
right now, signal the beam across the clouded sky, to signal
the return of Batman ... the Bat hero who will save us all
from the myriad of jokers attacking civilization right now

... it's ugly karma, because as we kill innocents overseas in
drone attacks, an equivalent amount of slaughter of innosense
senselessly occurs here... reality has become as insane as
a story found in a novel... it couldn't have been written better

... it's karma, no matter what occurs, it's pure karma

... good versus evil, its karma man

... I wonder what this current joker they caught will claim
as his rational

... it was strange he was an advanced neuro-science student

... think all that training made him flip out? or is he
being paid a great deal to kill
... or being trained for the terrorist cold war being
fought within our realms

...what a wacko, where is BatMan?

© 2012 by zentara