feeling prehistoric

... yeah, big wet warm storms are blowing in from the
north, from Tennessee ... huge globs of wet water and
high humidity ... it's very tantalizing to feel all
that warm ocean air come in to drench us

... loved to get drenched ... I feel one with the ocean

... I love the rain, my garden loves the rain,
its way better than watering by hose ... the plants sense
a great rise in the ambient moisture, and they start to grow
like crazy

... I feel like a caveman experiencing great weather changes

... I like standing out in warm drenching rain... just get wet
like you are swimming ... its got to over 90 degrees for that to
be pleasant

... it must have been great back in the natural early days,
when only canoe travel made it anywhere, wild trees and birds
everywhere ... vines hanging everywhere

... I think if we remember anything about earth after
we are dead and gone, it is the water ... the greater ocean and
rain cycle

... yeah for water

© 2012 by zentara