a man-made loser

... it's better to be a lamb in heaven, than
a a lion on earth

... that's a hard lesson to learn

... that is why the great Tao has bestoed on me
the great gift of being a loser

... winning dosn't bring you any closer on the
path to heaven, it is only a distraction to think
of life in terms of winning and losing

... I like to win at games, and I'm a very competitive
poker player ... not competitive at the world professional
poker playing game, but like Ghengis Khan said : I don't
want to just beat you, I want all my opponents reduced
to just smitherines

... everyone starts out with 1000 pennies, and you start to
play penny and nickel anty games, under 1 guy walks away
with all the pennies ... I've seen people go to 2 cents left,
then suddenly make a comeback to take it all ... it can take days
for the dust to finally settle out... but it was great way to
spend time with your friends in the garage, to get out of
the summer heat, on those long boring summer vacation afternoons

... anyways, the Tao has graceciously set it up, that I lose
on sport's bets of any kind, so as to teach me not to do it.
... same goes for Wall Street investing :-)

... you probably could make money off of my selections, and rooting
desires, by always realizing I'm picking the losers .. heh heh heh

... I always loved the underdogs, even in war, you have to stand
in awe of the opponent's will to give up their lives for whatever
purpose guides them

... me? My God says stay peaceful, I don't want to see a terrorist cold
war developing, where the old arts of sabotage start hitting home again

... both sides can play at that game level

... the world is not being done any good by us fighting with one another
over our preferred lifestyles and values

... as I grow older, I see the values of having women in their full-covered
bhurkas, it actually is very useful just for keeping the bugs and sun
off of you, with the added bonus of keeping the lusty desires of males
down, which any father will tell you is good

... on the other hand, I really don't trust women nowadays, the big robes
are a great place to hide things

... so in order to understand all these games, I had to approach them
honestly, with no internal desire for point shaving, but just for the
pure honest competition between players

... so knowing that I will root for the losers, and will probably be
a loser in any economic venture I enter into, except for Poker and Scrabble :-),
I can approach the games with more honesty

... I still get greater benefit by seeing the honesty of competition

... raw animal energy pitted against one another in a game

... playing 3-on a-side ball with your friends is way better for
you than going to any kind of public paid sporting event

... me, I'm stuck to sit_down games now, it's all in the head for me :-)

© 2012 by zentara