Kon - Tiki - still rides

... I was thinking about the old sea tale, Kon Tiki,
where Thor Hyerdahl (sp?) sailed on a papyrus reed raft,
across the great ocean, to prove that natives with even simple
technologies could have easily sailed around the world, way back
before the nothern cultures even knew how to knit a sail
... they may not have had the ability to return however, and
so many missions abroad to the ends of the earth
seemed remembered as failed ventures... so if no talks about you
back home as an heroic sailor, then your mission was doomed

... as Alan Watts put it, Herydahl showed faith, that somehow
the natural forces would provide, he cast his fate to the wind,
and somehow flying fish would land on his papyrus raft, so he had
fish to eat... and it rained everytime he needed some fresh water in
his storage cans... nature somehow provided

... even his raft became water-logged, and was nearly sinking as
Hyerdahl approached the new shore, it was as if even the boat said:
this is as far as this journey was meant to be ... journey over, boat sunk

... thinking about how we seem to navigate upstream thru Time,
and comparing our bodies to papyrus reed rafts, which are designed
to break down and die at transit's end

... we are are on these Kon-Tiki body raft rides, hopefully we
are designed to get all the way to the other side of the Big Time
Barrier which each human sees before himself

... a future which comes to us at torrential speeds, yet, as everyone
is taught, there is a barrier for each of us, and individualized Time Barrier
for each of our existences... its the feared death barrier... a barrier
that means your material presence is no longer detected in the
Realm of Realness

... I hope you catch my drift, I must tend to my ship's riggings right
about now

... what's a Time surfing king supposed to do, when he ain't surfing?
... ride in his natural raft on course, of course

© 2012 by zentara