existing in, and leaving the material world

... all the recent reports of the Higgs Boson,
the God-particle, and reports of the mysterious
Dark Energy out there, has made me once again
realize the greatest purpose one can have in this
life is to elevate yourself out of the material
world.... to escape the effects of the Higgs boson

... the one book which has made more sense to me than
any other is Krishna founder Prabhupada's book
Beyond Birth and Death

... the modern world contains very little real
pleasure anymore... everything costs too much
or is illegal

... the modern world is also full of bad karma as we
rape the earth for profits

... where do we go at death, and how can we select
where we go? Prabhupada's book answers that question
for a mind that is ready to receive... and mine is

... in his book, he states the enlightened yogi is
just waiting to die, to get the chance to give up this body
and move upward into the spirit worlds

... life on earth has become just a pursuit of temporary
pleasures... drinking, meat eating, smoking, sex, power-tripping,
or whatever

... none of these last, and as the big cycle of karma goes,
any excessive material pleasure comes back as a period
of unhappiness .... people tend to sleep those periods off,
or pop tranquilizers

... there is only 1 real pleasure to be had in the world, and that is knowing
that when you die, you don't have to come back ... you become
a short-timer on earth

... why worry about anything the crazy humans are doing to
destroy the eco-system ... as a short-timer, you know you
ain't going to see the consequences ... you'll be dead and gone
to other worlds

... it's easy to handle pain and suffering when you know you
get out of it soon enough, by dying

... I ask God to let me die in my sleep, everytime I go to bed

... I always wake up happy

© 2012 by zentara