the downwardly mobile society

... I was listening to the Talk of the Nation show today,
about the downwardly mobile society, in which the US work force
no longer believes in the dream, and are facing a future of
just scraping by

... oddly enough, Mr. Putin of Russia just said in the news today
that the West is in decline ... it's hard to argue with his assertion

... we are mirroring the collapse of the old Soviet Union, where the
Soviet 1% , who were called the commissars, lived high on the hog, while the
99% were relagated to just scraping by... having their promised
pensions and government aid reduced to nothing

... sound familiar?

... in both countries, this is just the inevitable end of the war
economies, which both countries rode for a long time on deficit spending

... interestingly, it seems that trying to conquer Afghanistan was and is
the last gasp of both empire's militaries ... trying to control those poppy
fields just sucks the empire's treasuries dry

... now we are in big debt from the wars, some people got rich, some got killed,
and nothing really changed .... Russia couldn't do it, and neither could we

... now we have computers, robot automation, drones, and all the other
modern miracles which make it possible for 1 person to do the work of 100

... corporations don't need more workers, they need more automation, and
the small handful of people needed to run it

... so, the old 60's hippy in me just has to laugh ... it's as though
all the donkeys chased the carrot hung in front of them for 50 years,
and now they are seeing the truth about the natural world ... they
pulled alot of carts and now the carrot is being taken away

... I was lucky, in that I was born and raised in the boom years, so
I experienced the dream for awhile, but fortunately for me, I saw
the handwriting on the wall, even way back when.

... I never chased the carrot, and I never really believed in the American
Dream .... all that stuff did was create a bunch of bad karma for people

... so the old hippy ideals of just living simply, and learning to be happy with
very little, are making a comeback ... the only thing left to be had for free is internal happiness

... in the US, we are lucky that the people have such a sense of equality
and fair play, that most of us will end up with a safe place to sleep,
survival rations of food, and the media circus to entertain us until we die

... it may be food stamps and living in a tent, but I've always liked camping

... so my downwardly mobile comrads, get out the old tie-dye T-shirts and
jeans, learn to cook simple foods from scratch, and just be happy to be
alive in a country which respects your rights to exist and pursue happiness

... the hippy commune lifestyle is the future for us in the 99% ... the 1%
can keep chasing their carrots... maybe they will learn eventually

... God loves hippies more than fat cats... it's even in the Bible...
"it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven, than it is for a camel
to pass thru the eye of a needle"

© 2012 by zentara