half baked monkey brains

... the heat has been on in my camp, and my mind has been
sticking to the math side of my brain lately, so I havn't
felt like writing much ... my intuition is at a low ebb

... I need the Medecine Man

... the Higgs boson was reportedly discovered and announced on the
4rth, but I really wonder what the discovery does for us?

... I mean will anti-gravity come out of it?... or is it just
a discovery that satifies a bunch of uber-geek's scientific curiosity?
... a discovery that makes the mental model in their heads make sense

... it made a bunch of jobs for people, that is for sure

... the Evil-Genius in me thinks we should be making and collecting
anti-matter in that collider... to make the ultimate bomb

... I take a Buddhist view of it all. All we are doing is smashing
bits of the Tao into pieces, and just like when you smash a glass
bottle, it breaks into a bunch of pieces, none of which make sense
in and of themselves

... the secret of the universe, in my understanding, is in It's flow, and interconnectivity,
not in it's pieces... we should be looking at how human minds control
event sequences

... when will they start studying the Flow of Time?... or is that
ultimate truth beyond scientific comprehension because the Truth
defies Logic

... for instance, what if the God-particle is actually alive, part of
a giant living intelligence, which controls the flow of all mass-energy?
... I call It the Higgs Bozo... and we, with our experiments are tickling IT

... I got 1 useful thing out of the Higgs, a joke:

... Why does the God-particle prefer Catholics?
Because they have Mass. :-)

© 2012 by zentara