beat the meat

... there has been some stories on American's love of meat
on NPR recently, and I must throw in my take

... is meat good or bad?

... after many years of meat eating in my youth,
my spiritual experience has taught me that the real reason
meat is bad for you, is spiritual and karmic

... sure, everyone in the scientifically oriented America
thinks in terms of body health ... hearts, colons, and arteries
take a big hit from meat-eating, but that is not where the real
damage occurs

... the real damage is done to your karma. The karma of killing
animals solely for the intoxication surge of animal conciousness
one gets from eating the flesh, is bad. It leads to alot of animal
behavior and excessive alcohol consumption. It leads to animal aggressiveness
in people... violence, rapes, etc. can all be reduced by putting people on
a diet of bread and water.

... In macrobiotics, the explanation is the very yang meat causes cravings for the
yin effects of alcohol. Soon you settle into a pattern of eating
meat and drinking... it's intoxicating, but it kills the spirit in you

... when the inner spirit is suppressed, bad things happen, luck dissappears

... I've been shown that meat eating is OK if you are facing starvation
or are sick, the animals must defer their lives to human needs

... but if you eat meat otherwise, you bring into your world the
animal's conciousness, not to mention the pain and suffering the
animal experienced in the modern feedlots and slaughterhouses

... modern people typically will start drinking alcohol when confronted with
this karma, and the cycle continues

... returning to the bodily health effects, I've seen many of my elder
relatives go down from meat eating.

... my uncle, while in the hospital after colon removal, whispered to me
" its caused by the beef " ... later when he was out and using a colostomy bag,
he was back at it, eating meat, and didn't remember saying it to me.

... I was always interested in why beef was so bad for the digestive track,
and the answer God gave me was that beef was so close to human flesh, that
eventually the digestive track becomes accustomed to digesting flesh, and
will start to auto-cannibalize itself

... this is just the psychic message given to me, but I report it to you
hoping you will stop eating meat ... but meat is such an intoxicating
substance that I doubt it will change anyone's ways

... I guess the temporary intoxication of animal energy blinds the inner
spirit to the accumulation of bad karma, which alway comes back to get you

... it often takes 20 to 30 years, but the karma always comes back

... finally, if you are a Bible believer, I will put on my Hassidic Hat
and say that the Original Sin which pissed off God so much, that He threw
us out of Eden was "Eating from the Tree of Life". In the old language, which the
old texts were written in, the word for knowledge was identical to the word
for life. We have conveniently contextually mis-interpreted this word,
thru the ages, to say "Eating from the tree of knowledge" rather than "Eating
from the tree of life". I bet God caught Adam and Eve killing and eating some
roasted meat, and threw them out. Enjoy your BBQ on the 4rth :-)

... the New Testament people make claims that Jesus's death gave dominion over
animals to humans ... that dosn't mean we should kill and eat them for the
intoxicating pleasure it produces
... dominion means we are responsible for their happiness and welfare

© 2012 by zentara