me and my malady

... I don't know for sure what caused my malady, but
for sure, I don't want the doctors poking and prodding
me and pumping me full of their experimental drugs

... in a similar vein, it's why I refuse to apply
for a government disability, I refuse to take money
for a physical limitation when the cause is suspect

... why? It's because I want a natural cure. I want
my body's own self-healing capabilities to fix what
ails me, and if you take the Devil's money, you lose that

... I find it completely unacceptable to accept the
Western doctor's assertions that somehow my body
is flawed, and only they can fix it ... that would
make me a slave to them and their pharmaceutical industry

... I believe in my own genetic goodness

... I don't deserve to be disabled, I don't want to
be given some cheap amount of money as compensation,
whatever the cause

... secretly, in my deepest mind, I know what is causing this for me,
and it comes down to karma, and I want the karma equalized
... it's my cosmic right to ask for that

... so take your health care bill and stuff it, take your
government disabilities and give it back to the Devil

... give me my right to regeneration, I fought along time for it

... I refuse to relinquish control of my health to the doctors
and their money-making medical-pharmaceutical complex

© 2012 by zentara