the natural economy

... everyone seems to want a high paying job, and the
war years and the military-industrial-medical-educational
complex has done a good job of fostering the belief that
everyone is entitled to a high paying job, in their effort
to keep the rat race running at full speed
... a speed at which they could accrue wealth to themselves

... but in reality, we were never entitled to all this.
Not by nature, and surely not by God.

... man's natural employment is to garden. To collect
the sunshine and water, and manipulate them to produce
his own food ... it's peaceful, clean and sustainable

... this is the ultimate happy lifestyle, where you
stay home on the homestead, garden, store food, and
just plain enjoy living... do-o-raku

... you sleep good, eat better, feel less stressed out,
and quit worrying about "keeping up with the Joneses"

... that lifestyle has just about been wiped out, and I
can't possibly fathom what all the unemployed in the world's
cities expect to do, to achieve a happy existence

... the politicians keep saying "take out student loan debts"
and stay in school, until now, where we have reached a point where
there are too many chiefs and not enough indians. Nothing
gets done, and everyone expects to get paid big salaries
because they have a piece of sheepskin, and are in debt up to
their eyeballs

... on top of it all, most degrees are worthless, since they
started passing students on curves

... what to do? what to do? I don't envy any politician anymore.
Those who have to stand up and lie to us all about the bright future.

... the only answer is to put people back on the farms, or at
least let them grow gardens in the cities. The sunshine is free,
and dosn't require trillion dollar bailouts every fiscal year.


2012 by zentara