miscellaneous thoughts of the sea

... I was listening to NPR, this warm rainy Sunday morning,
and a few shows combined in my head to make me ponder the sea, the oceans

... the first was an interview with a science fiction reporter,
who was asked: "would you rather be killed by an alien invasion
or a world pandemic?". He responded alien invasion because at least
he would finally get the answer to the long standing question "are we alone in space?".

... the second was an interview with the first female to walk on the
ocean floor in a JIM suit ... she was plainly in love with the ocean,
which is the ultimate repository of all life on earth.

... my first thought was "what really is the most likely source of
surface life extermination?", and I remember a tv show where an
astrophysicist, named Tyson, if I recall correctly, claimed the
most likely danger facing earth is a gamma ray burst, sent from some
super-catastrophic event in deep space. It results in a gamma ray laser
which flies off for lightyears destroying all life in it's path.
They happen all the time, like random gun shots going off in space,
and it's a matter of luck whether we get hit or not. If we get hit,
all surface life, and probably all sea life in the first hundred feet
of water, will die from radiation sickness. We will all wither out over the course
of a month.

... mulling these thoughts over, I had to think about how the deep ocean is immune
to this possible disaster, as well as others, such as ice ages

... it rekindled my longings to be buried at sea, in the deepest, deepest part
of the ocean. Not that I intend to ever reincarnate on earth, but I feel that
instinctive urge to go back into the only safe repository of DNA, the deep ocean.
Like pulling a warm blanket of water over me, for protection from the monsters.


2012 by zentara