I had a dream

... this is no lie

... last night, I had a vivid dream about some bullys
capturing me, with the head bully saying to me
"I'm going to throw you in jail, and then we'll see
how tough you are. You know that food you're eating,
those are your own balls".

... my response in the dream was to spit in the dish of food,
and I said to him "those are your balls"

... then I woke up terrified, and wondered why I had such a dream.
Normally my dreams are peaceful.

... Well, today about 10:00 AM as I sat meditating in my vegetable garden,
which I painfully put together even though I need a walker to get around,
I got my answer

... A DEA helicopter started flying overhead, hovering and checking out
my burdock, my peppers, my cucumbers and summer squash... I mean they
were flying low

... then within the hour, a DEA agent, accompanied by 2 of the nicest
local police officers, showed up and searched my garden

... he found nothing but demanded id, and sent my info in to
their headquarters

... I know what the dream was about now

... it sure makes me despise the government, I need a couple of tranquilizers


2012 by zentara