knowing you don't know and not caring about it

... I was listening to On Being this morning, which had
an interview with a noted female physics professor and

... the thrust of her whole argument, centered around Goedel's
Incompleteness Theorem, wherein she said we really can't know
for sure what we are experiencing, and that we may not really
have a free will, even though we think we do

... my first thought, was this woman spent too much time
in the mathematical side of her brain, and was a good example
of the old adage about the person who read so many books, she
ended up knowing nothing, just left being confused without a
sense of knowing, knowing the One

... I went thru the same thing, and eventually realized that
mankind's western philosophical musings do not lead to the truth

... the truth and the knowing comes from watching how
event sequences flow thru our notion of Time, and seeing the
patterns in that flow. Eventually you begin to understand what
karma is all about, and the flow of the great Tao

... it's good that people delve into Western philosophy, but when
you get to the point where you don't realize your own free will
exists, you must step back from the mathematical side of the brain,
and get into the other hemisphere so as to realize one should
pursue happiness, not knowledge

... I would recommend to her reading
George Ohsawa's Macrobiotics: An Invitation to Health and Happiness:

From the book:
Do-o is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese word Tao, the order of nature.
Raku means "enjoyment." To enjoy Tao (to live with appreciation all the time,
wherever we are) is Do-o-Raku. When we are aware of nature's impartial and absolute justice,
we know there is nothing to worry about. In Lin Chi's words: "At one stroke I forgot
all my knowledge! There's no need for any discipline; for, move as
I will, I always manifest the Tao!" When we see this, we can begin
to enjoy our lives fully, by distributing infinite joy and thankfulness
to everyone we meet.

For me, there is only one essential question involving free will.
Are you going to stay in the material world for your next incarnation?
Or, are you going to move into the pure mass free energy world.

Or more simply put: are you staying on earth or going to heaven?

Your physical body is like a root in the material world, and your
soul is like this body's flower that has a chance to blossom
in the pure energy realms.

It's your choice, stay here on earth or move on into the energy realms.

No math is required in this choice, although I must admit, my awakening to
these other worlds was triggered by studying multidimensional vector spaces,
but I'm sure it wasn't needed, but was just part of my path

... most people would not want to have walked all the way in my shoes,
but now that I'm in the last trimester of my earth gestation, I'm just glad
I'm over the hill, because it was a hard climb, and I look forward to the downhill stretch


2012 by zentara