the planetary prognosis dosn't look good

... the future of the human race on planet earth does
not look promising

... I could list all the signs that are evident in the
news, but it would only aggravate the situation even worse

... sometimes it's better not letting the lambs know they
are heading for the slaughter... otherwise they jump around
like crazy trying to get out of the feed lot

... if I had a button, which would bring the end of this
rat race civilization, I would push it, and feel totally
at ease facing God with my act

... the Devil wouldn't like it, but God would

... God is just waiting for the man who will reject the Devil and Eve's
notorius civilization

... the Devil has spent many years and sacrificed many lives
to get to this point where armed drones threaten anyone in the world
who dares to challenge his power

... he is soon to be seated as ruler of earth, and all humans will
have to bow before his military might, or be blown away as being
counter-productive to the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex

... he tantalizes everyone with money, big money, to fight wars
for control of oil, poppy, coca, and ganja plants

... what is coming is pure unadulterated slavery of every man, woman
and child on earth ... slavery to the Devil's economic machine

... there is only one way out for humans, and that is to have
earth blown back to the stone age, where the Devil's machinery
is non-existant

... I'm sorry earth has gotten to this point, and wish I didn't
have to report the coming end, but death is better than slavery
to the Devil

... so I push that imaginary button now, and await the Angels of
Destruction to visit the planet


2012 by zentara