same sex marriage

... after the prez clarified his evolving position
on it, it seems everyone in the world is saying what their
view is, on same sex marriage ... so why not me too?

... I've never been married, and never even had any kind of
serious relationship with woman nor man
... my mind has always been too out-of-this-world
for anyone to deal with me... I'm content to be a loner

... I've never really liked modern american women, they seem to
want alot of material things, but they expect the men to pay the karma for it
... they generally are spiritually irresponsible, and demand doctors bail
them out when the karma makes them sick, instead of correcting their
lousy karmic condition
... or all they talk about is Love, and how it conquers all, but in my
experience that is double-speak, which interpreted, means they expect you to die
for their bad karma

... I still am one of those old-timers that think women should'nt drive,
they should stay home, bake bread and homemade food, and raise their kids
... you can see why me and modern women don't get along :-)

... anyways, I'm not an isolated case, as you can witness by all the divorces

... the thought of 2 men having sex is a real stomach turner for me, although
like most guys, the thought of 2 woman together somehow turns me on
... but it is probably good natural birth control... we definitely don't
need more people who want the same-sex exchange of bodily fluids being born,
it's a public health hazard

... the real problem is becoming that men would rather be with other men, and
women with other women.... they just get along better with the same sex
... even if no sexual contact is involved

... this is why I think gay marriage is good, if 2 people of the same sex get
along and want to form a life-long partnership, good for them
... it's not a perfect situation, but this world is very screwed up now in
terms of the social order, and we just have to deal with it

... me, I would rather be alone


2012 by zentara