who is a cult?

... I heard a recent radio report where some
evangelical christians in Texas, expressed concern
over Romney's mormon roots, saying Mormonism
is just a cult

... isn't that a bit of the kettle calling the
pot black? As far as I'm concerned, the whole
Jesus thing is a cult too

... I mean if you look at the historical record of Jesus,
and compare it to the totally made-up theology, regarding
him, it's hard not to call Christianity a cult

... it's 2000 years of the accumulated bullshit of priests,
monks, and popes

... as far as I'm concerned, too many Christians have
wormed their way into power, and have used it to harrass,
and persecute non-believers

... I can just imagine what evil some evangelical christian
reading this, is wishing upon me, just for daring to say this

... all religions are cults, and people who think they are saved
by blindly quoting texts from some old priesthood, are fostering one of the
biggest delusions this world has going

... even in their own book, the Bible, Jesus refused to accept
the Devil's last temptation of lordship over the earth

... but even to this day, in order to justify their rape of
the earth, and worldwide persecution of others, these cultists
claim they are "doing all for Jesus", because Jesus is returning
and we have to build the great powerful civilzation so he can
rule the world as top dog

... these people confuse the Second Coming of Jesus with the Devil

... that is not to say that Christianity dosn't have some
good things going for it, but God is God, Jesus is not God,
so quit your high-horsing about Jesus being the only way to
salvation... it is just one of the many cults out there

... Romney being a mormon dosn't bother me a bit, it's the
fact that Romney is a moron that is worrisome.


2012 by zentara