happy Mother's Day

... my human mother is gone, and she went well, and
I believe she is in a place that makes her happy

... that leaves me, a child of mother earth, my
placenta and umbilical cord getting weaker with age,
almost like I'm in the last trimester of earth life

... I know that one day, the umbilical cord will be cut,
separating myself from the earth mother, leaving me
standing at the edge of the great cosmic sea

... the question seems to be do I want to stay here,
with the earth mother, to be reincarnated again; or do I
want to go to the other worlds, better worlds

... I must say, I want to leave. The thought of
making a human baby, even if it was to provide for
my own reincarnation, is totally unappealling to me

... after what I've seen here on earth, even if I was
offered a life as king of earth, I wouldn't want it
... my desire for the material world is gone
... my desire for the human race is gone

... I don't know how it happened, but the world just
seems full of ugliness and unhappiness, it's like a
party that has turned sour... maybe all the pain
I've been forced to feel has forced my third eye
to see the truth

... I think it is one of the bardos, which a buddhist monk
must pass thru, in order to exit earth. You pass thru
a realm of beautiful people having sex, and you can join
in if you want. If you refuse, it is said you face a great
monster, who will try to bluff you back into the earth realm,
by threatening you with destruction.

... I'm waiting for the monster now, I am not afraid

... sorry ma, I got to go, Krishna is waiting with a
boat, to take me across the great sea


2012 by zentara