the dementia problem

... I was listening to a radio report on multi-generational households,
and the problems facing families who have to watch their parents
grow into helpless dementia

... my first thoughts was memories of a story I was made to read
in high school, about the lives of the real indigenous igloo dwelling,
kayak paddling eskimos

... in that real story, as eskimos started to grow old, they would be
relegated to taking care of the children, and using their teeth to
soften the seal hides for clothing

... eventually, their teeth would be worn to the gum line, so that they
couldn't even work softening seal skins, and worse, the children would have
to chew their food for them, spitting it into the elders mouth

... eventually, it became customary for the elder to realize he was
more a burden to the family, than a help, putting the entire family's survival at risk
... he would then ask to be put out onto the ice, under a pile of rocks
for protection from polar bears, and the children would go out daily to
talk to him, until one day, no one responded

... there is something extremely spiritual, honorable, and life affirming about this

... I'm a pretty tough guy, and I know this sounds cruel, but you have to
tell it like it is... this is the Devil's world, and the Devil will promise
you wealth, power, and earthly desires, only to snatch it away, after you've completely sold out,
when you no longer can communicate with God
... when you can't put a curse on the Devil's world, and make it hurt for It to f*ck you over

... you have to face your demise eventually, but in this illusionary world
of Maya and Disney movies, we somehow have been brainwashed into thinking we
all will live forever, being forever young .... big lie

... if you have to go, it's better to go out honorably, with suicide, than
to sit around hoping the collapsing civilization will somehow rescue you,
and put you in a first class nursing home for free, where you can drool on yourself

... the reality is more likely that those free homes will come with
the requirement that you agree to be chopped up for body parts when you die
... it's a cruel world

... they gave most of us a life of sitting around riding in cars, sitting in front of
TV's, and eating fatty processed food, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco
... it all leads to mush brains
... that's the way I see, and if you don't like it, you can eat shit and die as the saying goes

... so even though the modern doctors ply their wares, claiming to make us all live longer,
it probably would be better to party harder, ignore the doctors, so you can go quick

... and oh yeah, it's such a shame marijuana is illegal, because it has the property
of protecting the brain from degeneration
... in this f*cked up civilization, the left hand dosn't realize what the
right hand is doing... now that is truly demented


2012 by zentara