hedging our bets

... the world IS going to hell, and we would be wise
to start preparing for it

... overpopulation, depletion of resources, etc., etc.
are all looming over the horizon, and everyone just
keeps making believe it will all will go away

... we live with the false hope that some yet undiscovered
scientific advance will somehow sweep in and save us all

... or maybe if everyone gets college degrees it will somehow save us

... it's all the bullshit of the left-over dreams of the previous

... in the past, when such imbalances emerged,
horrible world wars would re-adjust things, by just
killing off huge numbers of people, and creating a new economic system

... instead of trying to keep everyone believing in the same
unattainable old dream, of going to college, getting your lifetime job,
and retiring happily, we should just try to setup a life for
people which is sustainable, even if the government falls apart

... the only way this can be done, is to show people how to setup
little farms in the cities, where people can work and feel safe
growing their own food

... I am inspired to write this after hearing a NPR radio story
on a man in Milwaukee, who bought 3 acres in the middle of the city,
and with intensive gardening, managed to feed 10,000 local people
per year

... for every million in a city, there should be 100 of this farmsteads

... this is hedging the bet

... no matter what, little local community farms should be setup
right in the cities, right where people live; and this should be
made an economic priority as a way to let people get healthy local
food, and employ locals who just can't seem to find those promised
"pie-in-the-sky" jobs

... I remember some old World War 2 literature, which said the first step
in destroying a country, is to make the people mistrust their own
food supply... when you have doubts about what you eat, it has
a great impact on your sense of nation and self

... I don't trust much of the food anymore. The internationalists,
in order to circumvent paying locals decent wages and pesticide rules,
are now importing food of dubious quality, and panning it off as
coming from American farms... even inspection is lax due to government de-regulation
... much of the food is so processed, or comes from so far away, that it does not contain any
good life energy, all it does it produce diseased conditions in those that consume it

... you would be better off NOT eating it, and losing some weight

... the typical modern farm has become so mechanized
that they are best suited to produce easily mechanized crops, such as
grains and beans and similar commodities

... so let the Latifundia produce the grains and beans,as they can't
find local workers to tend and pick the labor intensive crops anyways

... bring those labor intensive crops to the local farms in the cities

... so, if you really care about seeing civilization prosper and be strong,
bring back local food production

... tax breaks for city people who maintain gardens, grants to help
non-profits setup little intensive farms like the Milwaukee example,
and even requiring able people to work in the gardens if they want
food stamps, would be obvious starting points

... otherwise, our pop drinking, fast food, hamburger eating, couch potato population
is heading for a bad end, with the obvious consequences for the nation


2012 by zentara