the true secret of event control

... when you finally emerge into the other conciousness,
you see that the big spacetime reflectors getted turned on
around your spacetime bubble, so that any thoughts you send
out, get reflected back as action ... it's a way of making sure
you always radiate good thoughts and happiness, instead of
rage against the world

... the good thing about the reflector system, is that all bad
karma directed your way, by the evil doers of this world, get reflected back
to them in spacetime, even after your death on into eternity.

... it's why the preachers and gurus teach loving everybody,
because it all gets reflected back. The wise man, in that state,
sees that and learns to be positive in attitude toward the
whole world, then he will be met with smiles, instead of hisses
and grumbles

... the aspiring buddha's lotus is forced to close when he radiates
negative energy, it all gets reflected back

... the marvellous thing about the reflection coming back,
is that it works over a time span... making it available as
a psychic tool of sorts

... because even a thought in your mind now, can influence
events in the future, by knowing how the reflectors reflect

... all it takes is a well formed concept, formed in your mind

... and always be ready to duck! Because what you ask for others
eventually becomes your reality in the weirdness of spacetime

... always, always listen for the quack of the duck :-)


2012 by zentara