the happy man speaks his mind

... it is is it's, isn't it ? Sure it is. :-)
... that is the Profound Contraction of God,
the secret thought needed to immediately
connect to the core of the Great Flow of the Tao. ;-)

... not many can hold that thought for long, before
breaking out into What the F*ck is going on?

... the sounds of the birds and the free winds
blowing are where the true flow of the Tao is heard

... the birds sing a song that tell you exactly what is
happening now... I feed the birds popcorn, and they
sing more for you. It is is it's. :-)

... sometimes just a fly landing on your skin is a
signal message that something like this or that occurred,
but it's for you to know what and where that occurrence was
... the same event can mean different things to different people
... some are unaware that any signalling system is at work.

... I can be happy because I have totally rejected the whole
rat-race civilization, even if it means it kills me, at least
my soul can move away, even if my body can't

... probably a world of bicycles and mule wagons, just a slow,
get there whenever you can world, not this rat race, that is for sure

... so, in my mind today, I am happy, I don't have to go no where
... lucky me


2012 by zentara