the misanthrope speaks his mind

... I fear the end is coming, so why worry?

... I'm glad the end is coming
... the acceptance phase

... the signs of world calamity signal the coming of the end
of society as we knew it, as we were brainwashed into
believing as children
... you know, the good old world they talked about in books
and movies, where Grandma happily sits by the fire all day
rocking the baby's crib, while mama makes fresh bread

... the world where people didn't live in cities,
the world where people lived on the edges of grainfields
and pastureland
... whose population was kept in check by Mother Nature

... instead, we get 3 generations of humans vying for
the same job: your job, the job your kid wants, and even
the job the grandkids need in order to pay off the college
loans, the ones they needed so they could compete for your city-life job

... lucky they have them all in debt with those college loans,
so the system can force them to work in the nursing
homes taking care of the current batch of old geezers

... the population bomb is going to get us

... all you old geezers out there, be prepared to take care of yourselves
... you could get very sick and just die by a tree, with no
Emergency Room, because you are on your own, and there
isn't any high speed helicopter coming to rescue you
... the government just was out of cash, couldn't afford the gas
to come save you

... I mean even if you don't die in the first calamitous
days of the worldwide food and water shortages, you
will have wished you did

... putting everyone in the world in cars and jets,
and high speed subway and rail systems are just monuments
to man's glory... it is unsustainable and out of harmony
with Nature

... the truly free man just stays home with his family
and dogs all day, tending to his garden, and laughing
all day, because "who cares anymore? "

... hundreds of thousands of burgeoning humanity are
being forced into Calcutta-like conditions, just occupying
vast swaths of vacant land because "there just isn't anyplace
else to go"

... human trafficking, yes! human trafficing, otherwise
known as SLAVERY, is happening all over the civilized world
... even in a city near you

... so yeah, when I think about how much I woooorried, as a youth
about saving the planet, I realize it was in vain! I think the
dumbass human race deserves what it gets for making so many
fuckin dumbass babies

... the human race didn't know how to control their
own sex drives, and overpopulated themselves into worldwide
poverty... it's coming folks

... be ready to circle the wagons, and take control over your own
neighborhoods, because soon, the only police will be you, the
citizens, because the police ran out of money, and didn't
have a staffer on duty, or you were not important enough to worry about

... and oh yeah, the mail dosn't seem to get delivered, and there damn sure
aren't any busses running anywhere near you

... so now, in the very last days before the end, they will start promising
to give trillions here, or forgive trillions there. It takes
the entire civilization closer to poverty. It does this by
making the cost of living higher, by making bread more expensive

... et tu Marie?

... the only solution for a happy outcome to this is to let people
stay on the lands they occupy, grow food for themselves, and
get high all day if they so desire, off of their homegrown

... all the glitsy city life has done is prove that the human life
span should be shortened so we all die at about 40, to get out of the
way of the next generation
... or at least quit your job, so your kid can have a job

... my friend showed me a writing from Lao Tsu, and his favorite
poem ended with the line "and mother nature will provide".
A real context switch reveals what might be provided, like in the old
Twilight Zone episode titled "To Serve Mankind". Serve can have 2 meanings.
Mother Nature might provide a pandemic, probably on orders from God Hisself.
And the only immunity you have is your karma.

... Mother Nature will provide

... I should have been a sasquatch, what the F*ck happened?


2012 by zentara