What could be better than 42 times 10? :-)

... any self-respecting nerd would instantly see the
significance in coincidence of the cool number 42 times 10.
Yeah! The perfection point times 10! One order of magnitude above perfection.
... some high school kids figured it out

... happy 420 out there, to all the poor folks who
thought that O'bama would have eased the policies
against Marijuana criminalization

... man, I wish more than health care or any of that stimulus shit,
I wish the establishment would have eased their policies
on people growing marijuana for their own usage
... get that monkey off of the people's back

... it's so laughable. You see it openly joked about all
over the media, and its perfectly clear it should be decriminalized

... enough people will testify to it's beneficial usage, that it
is almost police state tactics, to create black-markets over it

... the only thing I can think off is those supplier kingpins must
like the way the black market operates, we are easy prey
... its like a heavy tax the people pay, who otherwise could grow
it for pennies per pound
... and they do pay, the rich people pay thru their noses

... but I've ditched political commentary, as I see the end
of my life coming, and certainly everyone does see their
end coming.
Science and grade school teachers beat it into our
heads that we all have to die, we come to understand it pretty early
in life. If humans ever figured how to do perfect cellular regenergation,
I'm sure the gods would figure out other ways to collect our souls back.

So what's a true buddha loving krisna concious dude supposed to do?
You intrinsically want to connect to the Greater Spirit, and you
know it when you see it. So why be preoccupied with all the lame earth games,
when you could be connecting back to the Spirit in the Mind, the Oneness
Itself? Seeing thru the third eye.

... why would anyone not want to move more in harmony with the flow of the Time stream?,
the Tao stream? ... I think we have the basis for a religion here! :-)

But don't use it kids ... it will turn you into a zombie
... zombies are a dying breed-)

... oh yeah, I don't use it, but I've heard alot about it in the media.. :-)

... why did I write this? I'm too f*cking old to care anymore

... I'm proud to say, Happy 420 to all who know the results of
42 times 10 to the first power, it's high school math man :-)

... Free the Goddess! She is being held captive by an Evil Master!


2012 by zentara