the zen of yoga

... I heard on the radio a discussion of what is yoga

... so what, at the very basic level, is yoga?

... from my zen, and the teachings I was given,
yoga translates as the path... but path to what?
... the path to enlightenment, the only worthwhile path there is

... there are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people,
and like smaller trails eventually merge into big highways, the many
paths generally get clumped into bigger paths, like hatha, tantric, etc.

... but forget about all them. Concentrate on your path.
Running, bicycling, or walking can be yoga. Playing a game can be yoga.
Tai Chi is good yoga.
If the activity you engage in, brings about a feeling of spiritual release and happiness,
then that is your yoga

... you don't have to sit cross-legged chanting Om, although most
paths will lead to that yoga, as you approach the most esoteric enlightened state

... but if aerobic dancing releases you from the weight of pre-occupation with self,
then that is good yoga

... of course, getting into contorted physical positions is very
useful for maintaining joint flexibility and general health, but
if all you can do is rock in a rocking chair, than that is all
you need to do

... rock on :-)


2012 by zentara