oh, vanity

... I just heard on the radio news, that autism rates are
rising, with no known cause

... in my Zen experience, my intuition, I was told what the likely cause

... I just happened to hear a researcher's report on the radio a few years ago,
when I was just lucky enough to be listening at the right time and at the right place,
as is so often the case with psychic zen experiences

... even though this truth may only be applicable to my life path,
I feel compelled to report it, just in case it is widely applicable
to others. I would be spiritually negligent not to. I sure don't
want to see autistic kids born.

... the reseacher said it is quite likely that chemicals in women's
makeup is the culprit, and that pregnant women should be very careful
about the makeup they use during pregnancy, preferrably none.

... I often wondered why this angle was not pursued with more vigor,
and my conclusions is that either the makeup industry is too big a business
for reseachers to battle
... or, makeup is so pervasive nowadays, and so much part of a modern
female's self-esteem, that it would crush the modern female's psyche,
and create a huge guilt complex in their minds

... finally, this may sound too weird for most, but it may be that
nature may be trying to use autism as a way to evolve the mind, you
know, make more Rainman like people, who have super unusual gifts.
In evolution, there are many more failures than successes.
Personally, I would rather see makeup as the cause, than see it
as evolutionary failures.

... so you can call me crazy, but that is what my psychic intuition has shown me.
I hope it helps some pregnant women have healthier kids.


2012 by zentara