my thoughts to the Supreme Court on the health care issue

... first I would like to say that we must distinquish
between what is right, and what is constitutional
... many Americans wrongly confuse the two as being the same
... they often are, but many times not

... I don't have health insurance, and havn't been to
the doctor in many many years. I have some hip problem
which I am slowly fighting off ... no pain, no gain, as
the saying goes, but I'm sure that if I did go to a doctor,
I would probably be pumped with drugs and hit with
expensive procedures that would put me in a worse situation
than I am now ... I don't want the modern health care they provide

... would Naturopathic medecine be considered a valid form
of health care? If not, why not? Not enough money in it for the
greedy people running the HMO's?

... I think that forcing everyone into a big pool so that
health care costs will be lower, is exactly the wrong
approach. It just leads to the capitalist health care HMO's
grabbing more of the people's money. Probably resulting
in more of a class separation between rich and poor.

... what should be done is force doctors and HMO's off of their
pedastels, and force them to lower costs by more allowing more
advertising, and the right to publically display their prices

... How come doctors can't advertise prices?

... If this mandate to buy insurance from private capitalist
providers is there to protect the capitalist system in the US,
shouldn't REAL capitalist competition be applied to doctors?

... if people don't have money to pay, then the doctors, who
took the Hippocratic Oath, have the choice to work in clinics
for the poor. If they would rather see the poor suffer, than work
a little cheaper... that is their choice. They can always
relinquish their oath.

... I totally am behind the new travelling tent clinics, where
good doctors tend to the poor. The mainstream hospitals are
getting so filthy, that you probably come out sicker than when you went in.

... I originally supported the idea of national health care,
but it was so that small businesses could afford to hire workers,
without the burden of paying for their healthcare to the
current monopoly of HMO's
... I still am for that, but its health care for people who
work and take the daily risks associated with the modern rat race
... not everyone

... finally, giving free health care to everyone, takes away
their self-interest incentive in maintaining their own health.
... why stop eating donuts and drinking soda pop, when free
diabetes care will be provided?
... why stop eating meat when you can count on getting a transplant?
... why work at improving your own mental health and karma when anti-depressants
and tranquilizers allow you to continue on your merry way

... it's rough to get old and infirm. But all the state really needs
to provide is a place for people to sit, make peace with their
lives and God, then die, or get better.

... it dosn't cost much to setup hospice tent camps for the poor to sit
and die with freedom from HMO's trying to make a buck off of their misery

... I know, I live in one, and I am happier than those poor souls
stuck in those lousy city nursing homes

... are people going to be given a choice between a city nursing home,
sitting all day under flourescent lights, or being out in a tent,
in the fresh air of the back woods, where they can truly heal?

... Finally, I'm sorry if I offended anyone's feelings, by reading this,
life is tough


2012 by zentara