a message to atheists

... I heard on the radio this morning, that atheists
are planning a Reason Rally, well lets reason this out

... first off, even though I was raised a Roman Catholic,
I no longer believe in the GOD who is an old, wise,
greying white man, sitting above us in judgement

... so we can agree on ditching the concept of GOD as
our overlord, whose decrees and mandates get passed
to us, only thru the mouths of some manmade priesthood
... No More Second Hand God, as Buckminster Fuller wrote.

... but lets look at the situation we are in without
the concept of higher life forms than humans, a world without
a higher conciousness than we mere mortals possess

... first, it is awfully presumputous of one to assume that
you are the highest form of conciousness in existence

... second, you find yourself an accidental creation,
in a swirl of radioactive rocks and gasses, a temporary
blip of conciousness, between 2 eternal darknesses
... a bit of mud, than has learned to crawl around, in
a ruthless, dog-eat-dog world

... sure, it's quite easy to discount the harshness of
existence in the material world, when you live in a modern Western
civilization that provides clean water, cheap food, and
relative security

... but, most of the world is not in this condition, where
most people are in a daily struggle to find clean water, food,
and safety from ravaging gangs of godless souls

... humans suffering thru those conditions, see God.
... people stuffing fast food in their mouths and driving around in SUV's
generally don't. The are blinded by their ego's pursuit of pleasure.
... misery brings on spiritual clarity, because your soul
intrinsically knows there is a better condition, a better
place to be.

... the founder of the Krishna movement in the West, Prabupada
has said that getting a human incarnation in what we call
the modern Western civilization, is a 1 in a quadrillion opportunity
to attain release from the trap of the material world

... it is so, because we are given a life relatively free of
the hardships, which usually comes with a human life
... sure, we still get sick and die, but most have a life
where contemplation and self-awareness is possible, without
the demons of hunger, thirst and homelessness making higher
level thoughts possible

... this is a great gift that only occurs once in a very
long number of incarnations

... I could blather on and on, with far more words than most
people would care to read, but the message I bring is simple

... It was poetically put by the Grateful Dead in the song Ripple.
"Let it be known, that there is a fountain, not made by the hands of man."

... Drinking from that fountain, leads one to find a non-material pure energy world,
and the Conciousness who abides there.

... most meditative people, come to the same path eventually, seeking
the world where the "GOD" is the cosmic manifestation of Pure Happiness

... a wise soul wants to go to the world of Pure Happiness.

... staying in the mudhole called earth, with it's death, disease,
wars, and godless souls, is a very poor choice

... but it's your choice, that is what free will is all about.


2012 by zentara