the american dream

... I read that the president is proposing a new, more
realistic vision of the american dream

... I won't comment on any of it, except to say, what
do humans have the right to demand from their earth?

... right now, I see we get about the same deal in life
that the indigenous indians had here

... we fight over water holes, food resources, and women

... the woman now, is represented by an airbrushed, lingerie model,
offering us the promise of sexual pleasure, if we engage with
her in the new Babylon

... I have to say, I'm enjoying myself here on earth now, even
though most people would consider me a broke hobo hermit living
in the woods ... the pleasures of the quiet peaceful life, of sitting
and meditating all day, without demons blowing exhaust and dirt
in your face, are hard to come by

... my point is that we move too fast, we have created what is
called rat-race conditions on the planet

... the rat race seems to be caused by people who think they are
"getting ahead" or "paying their dues". Dues to who? Dues to their own desires?
Are we slaves to our own desires?

... it would be in the best interest of the peoples of the world,
to go back into a slower farm-stead village way of life, where
bicycles and walking is used

... I know this destroys the economy, by negating the need for
cars and the enormous amounts of energy needed so that a 150 lb
person can move around in a 2000 lb bunch of atoms, but nature cannot
sustain that worldwide

... so pumping the rat race is not leading us toward heaven, but just
propagating forward the myth that there is hope, hope that all those
Masters and Phd's working at entry level jobs, will eventually get
those 150,000 dollar a year jobs they where promised way back when

... so my fellow American citizens, the best dream you can follow,
is the path back to heaven
... we are not doing GOD any favors by colonizing the other planets,
or turning ourselves into the Borg with cell phone implants in our brains.

... a life free from crime, war, and discontent where we all have
food, water and a safe place to sleep is all a person is really
entitled to from GOD... well, GOD also gives happiness to those
who realize their place in the natural order of things

... the problem I see is this: the natural evolution of things is
that we work hard for awhile to build shelters and gardens, and
then we should kick back and enjoy life

... many natural living people correctly estimate that in a normal
situation, it takes about 20 hours per week of work, to provide
for your daily needs

... I mean they whip us all our lives promising that time when they
would take the yoke off, so you can rest, sleep and dream all day if you want
... its called retirement
... so people look forward to when there is no work, its natural to do so

... so we have a situation now, where there is no work, so people should
be happy, right? ... no work... its party time... but no

... well, it just so happens they have us all thinking we can get ahead
... even worse, they have conditioned to dis-respect ourselves, if we don't
participate in the ratrace, with the status game.

... they have us believe we have hope for some mythical lifestyle the
devil promises the poor desirous souls of earth

... that's my position. We would all bring ourselves closer to true happiness,
if we created lifestyles where all we needed to do is walk or ride bicycles

... it would be the natural evolutionary outcome if the governments of the world just
suddenly disappeared

... but since they are not going to dissappear, our dream should be to
have a government that helps people lead life at a more natural speed,
because our unnatural ways cannot be sustained, it's killing everyone

... well, as I get old now, and see my exit from the planet coming,
I submit this as my dream, and lament the allowed creation of the
world's mega-cities based on everyone running in a ratrace


2012 by zentara