only 1 GOD

... I watch religous sects of all denominations
kill each other off, in the name of their personal
gods, like jesus, buddha, allah, jehovah, pan, the goddess, etc.

... I must remind myself that one of the basic tenets
of all these belief systems is that there is only 1 ultimate
SOURCE, 1 pen-ultimate GOD

... now this GOD dosn't mean the old white haired man of
biblical teaching, this GOD is the TAO, it is creation ITSELF.

... it is best illustrated by the adage of the 9 blind men,
all grabbing a different part of an elephant, all claiming
quite correctly, that they have a firm and proven hold on their
GOD, and can't quite understand why they don't agree. One has
an ear, one the trunk, one tail, 4 similar but slightly different
feet, .... you get the idea

... so all be warned in your soul: the jesus, allah, or buddha you think you
are fighting in the name of, are inherintly flawed, and cannot be made
whole. They are inherintly flawed concepts because they come out of the human mind.

... in addition to the semi-blindness to the truth, we aquire by adhering to
the religous brainwashing we all receive as youth, economic factors
are now being fought over, disquised as religous wars

... there is plenty of bad karma being made on all sides, and the REAL
GOD is not happy with either side. Or maybe he is? Maybe GOD really
likes wars, and the pain it inflicts on the human race? Maybe after
kicking us out of Eden, HE was so upset with humanity, that HE maintains
a grudge against humans. GOD can bear grudges can't HE?

... remember, what you think GOD actually is, has been filtered thru
years of Christian brainwashing

... the basic method used is simple: make people feel quilty, then
teach them to find release of the guilt, by being slave to the
leader, or buying indulgences

... they make you feel quilty for everything that comes naturally to
people, so they always have you feeling guilty for something, it's an easy racket

... oh yeah, then there is the indulgence racket, pay money to get the so-called
sin off of your conciousness; it was big business back when the Vatican ruled
the Western World

... I could go on and on, but as I watch jesus get dragged into the national rhetoric
on every issue out there, I worry about the separation of church and state clauses
in the constitution, which the very same people claim to espouse so dearly


2012 by zentara