the infinity sign

... as I was glancing thru the news this morning,
I noticed Mr. Putin of Russia, was wearing blue
infinity sunglasses. Nice, but slightly wrong shade of blue. :-)

... he is irked at the US for running up the deficit,
to dilute the money supply, making the US money
his Motherland holds in it's bank, more worthless everyday
... he says we borrow and spend like we have infinite resources

... as I have a fascination with the infinite, I
started thinking about the infinite in my mind

... it sort of is like the recursion of 2 mirrors,
I stare at myself in the mirror of my mind, and it
reflects back, ad infinitum
... which came first, the chicken or the egg?

... my first memory of infinity, comes when I was
asked as a youth, to define infinity
... I earnestly, and honestly replied, that it's
an 8 laying on it's side

... over the years, I have meditated on the hidden
zen meaning of infinity being an 8 laying on it's side,
in a permanent resting position, but that is getting
into the realm of Jungian dreams

... the real beauty in the infinity sign, is the way
it gracefully, and in the lowest energy change rate possible,
reverses direction .... just smoothness incarnate

... try moving your head back and forth real fast, and
feel the brain shake as it tries to instantaneously reverse
direction... oooh, can't take too much of that kind of rattling

... but, make an infinity sign with your head, and neck,
just jiving back and forth, bouncing on your butt muscles, and it
becomes an effortless perfectly balanced dance, which
is quite energizing to do.

... this ability to cram more energy into a confined space,
without self-destructive reflective waves being created,
is the secret of the infinity sign

... it has an advance over just puting the energy in a circle,
in that the centrifugal forces get switched from side to side,
and there is a zero point where centrifugal forces are zero

... it's interesting that the first quantuum energy level above
the base, spherical level, is the 3 dimensional infinity sign,
2 counter balanced lobes

... oh, well, these are the types of thoughts that occupy my
mind these days. It seems that one of the laws of the cosmos
is that everything tends to change energy state, toward it's
lowest energy state. A ball left go in a bowl, will cycle
wildly for a while, but will eventually settle into the
bottom of the bowl

... just like we all do, laying on our side, into infinity


2012 by zentara