big brother grows

... some wise man said awhile back, that like
the AntiChrist, Big Brother will be welcomed
with open arms ... until we are it's grasp

... I see that happening on the internet,
with things like constant text messaging, Facebook, Twitter,
and all the other social networks databases.

... right now, everything seems cool to have
a Big Brother watching over everything, to prevent
those nasty terrorists from killing a few citizens
... or to inform you that someone is somewhere, doing something,
and you need to know that, so you can be cool too

... but what happens when BiG Brother starts trying to
control you, leading you around by the nose like sheep

... it will turn into the thought police

... they will have psychological profiles on everyone

... they will be able to do things like not let your
computer connect, car start, or phone work, just because
you didn't follow their control in their game of
behavior modification

... and they will use that knowledge to spiritually,
emotionally, and materially control us, or attempt it anyways,
usually for their own profit, or the profit of associates

... so be warned, the behavior modification experts are sizing
you up right now ... readying you for control by the new Pharoah


2012 by zentara