the game of life

... now that I've reached the point in life, where
I know death is inevitable, as opposed to my youthful
delusions of being immune to death, I will try to
succinctly describe the game of life

... what is this thing that drives us forward everyday?
... getting us to climb out of bed, each day to face
an assortment of problems and demons, to move ourselves
closer to what? Wealth and status? Our inevitable death one day?

... it's like a mobius strip, the harder you run the faster you
are returned to the zero point

... we seem to be in a fight of sorts

... a spiritual war, waged in our heads, against others and
ourselves, and a material war to pay for food, excessive rent, taxes, and bills

... we get up for various reasons, usually the paternal or
maternal instinct, or maybe the desire to "get ahead", but
what if none that really mattered?

... I mean, if death is the inevitable end, why slave away
all your lives, just to be in a miserable devilish world,
where heavy karmic debts are being paid and being made

... why not jump off a cliff?

... we keep going, because of a sense of self-preservation,
even if today is miserable, we have hope tommorrow will bring

... but as we all trudge along on these paths thru earth,
what should we be doing as a game plan for our little life?

... the basic rule is get your soul back into the heavenly realms

... don't be trapped on earth as the overloaded, desire-hungry planet
self destructs back to the stone age, or worse, extinction

... I think the gods give the same amount of concern toward human extinction,
as we do the numerous species we wipe out each year without a thought

... the game is to get back into heaven, earth is the portal


2012 by zentara