do you believe in the gods?

... I know that in modern Western thought, a belief in
the gods is considered nearly moronic, heresy against our
common scientific notion of the material universe, which has only
us humans as the only concious entities

... I have news for humanity, there is conciousness above as well as below

... conciousness permeates everything living, and there are
creatures above us, creatures of a higher dimensional nature
than us

... after handling dogs for awhile, I sense that I'm like
a pet to some higher dimensional creature than me, who I communicate
with, in my mind thru thought, and in bodily form thru deed.

... so be honest to yourself, admit that you talk to your spirit master
in your head

... maybe you talk to jesus, allah, or whatever manifestation of God you see

... to us, a god is a god, just like to a dog, all humans are humans

... the gods are collections of energies, which control the material world

... some gods control weather, some control space and time, some for males, and
some for females, and for sure, they are above our level of understanding,
but we can communicate with them thru thought
... we can feel them tug on our spirit leash

... you call it mumbo-jumbo, but deep down inside you know its true

... this particular bit of mumbo-jumbo was brought to you by the wildass
fun loving earth god Pan

... God loves Pan


2012 by zentara