the zen of brain mechanics

... since I too, like Jethro Clampett, have more than a
6th grade education, I will try my hand at brain mechanics

... exactly how does our conciousness itself, become manifest
out of the mind brain connection?

... I'm coming from a pure zen introspection, with the added
benefit of a few years of advanced math and engineering, so that
my zen approach results in something sounding more than just magical mumbo-jumbo
... I'm amazed at how I come to the same conclusions, that ancients of old,
came to in their introspection of life
... so modern science did not bring this, but modern science
can explain it in a more beleivable manner

... my idea is that when life developes, there comes a point where a
very delicate spiralling of 11 dimesional space starts to occur, which
is the connection to the Great Conciousness Itself

... the modern mainstream doctors think they can trace where thoughts
and sensory input are processed in the brain, but those are only
input channels... the regions of the brain where input processing occurs

... the real question is where, or at what area, does the internal
concious processing occur?

... I submit our brain is more like a network card that connects
us to a greater system, rather than independent processors that
suddenly wake up and find themselves concious, wondering where they came from

... I envision in our minds, something like a whirling tornado
of invisible dark energies, which is our connection to the cosmos

... it's our connection to the Akashic Record, a spinning energy
vortex, that can be carefully tuned to receive modulated energy
patterns thru Time itself ... maybe the source of all intuition
and memory?

... personally, I meditate to the great god of all knowledge of
the material world, the great Brahma ... close to what catholics
call the Holy Spirit

... but Brahma, is happily subservient to Krishna, the manifestation
of all happiness and beauty

... how would this energy vortex appear? I'm zen-guessing an interaction
of brain chemicals have a certain synergistic effect, where in some
unknown biological method, tachyons , or some other superluminal
interaction occurs, which allows the individual to transcend time
in the world of thought

... I know there is a rule that in this material plane of existence,
nothing can exceed light speed, but information is not a material
entity, and I submit that information can be moved faster than light

... this means theoretically we could send information back to ourselves
thru Time, but just information, and within that information, there is
always a seed of doubt
... the doubt being that this may all be BS.:-)

... thats a question of confidence and faith


2012 by zentara