the path to krishnaloka

... as I sit here alone on earth, I have had to
declare what my final destination is, where is my soul going
.... what is my raison d'tre, my reason to be?

... out of all my training and experience, I have come
to realize that all I want is to be in krishnaloka

... krishnaloka, where Krishna manifests constantly, the
source of all happiness and beauty

... so how to you get there?

... first, by waiting and asking, and waiting and asking again

... until 1 day, you get the answer, it becomes effortless,
as if you are floating in a great ocean current, and you
float until you are deposited on the shores of krishnaloka

... you just have to let go

... I heard this somewhere:

When life conspires against you,
and no longer floats your boat,
don't waste your time with whinning,
just get on your back and float



2012 by zentara