life in outer space

... all the recent stories about life being found in harsh places,
like deep-sea volcanic vents, or in radioactive mines, or on even the
surface of Venus, has made me wonder on the exact boundaries for
the definition of life

... instead of looking for extra-terrestrial life in the form
of ufo riding 2 legged creatures, might we not be looking toward
a more organic extension?

... we anthropomorphize our gods and space aliens, but if we look at
the evolution of life, why would they neccesarily have our shape?

... instead of extending human attributes onto extra-terrestrial life,
a more fitting model would project planetary attributes onto the unknown

... the analogy of space being a vast ocean of energy, with earth
being a reef of sorts, constantly haunts me

... it seems obvious 2 me, that the vast water ocean and outer space somehow
reflect each other

... and as life on earth started in the ocean, by analogy, so probably
there should be life in the plasma and fields of outer space

... it's almost as if the outer space world, as we call it, is full
of life, in the form of plasma creatures

... might not the fourth state of matter, plasma, the highest of all
material energy states, be suitable for conciousness to take hold in,
and manifest itself as life?

... I often dream of giant manta ray shaped plasma energy creatures,
swimming thru the cosmic sea, from planet to planet, solar system
to solar system

... and in accordance with the zen principles, these creatures probably
provide a balance of sorts to the local cosmic eco-system

... maybe they feed off of ions, outerspace is full of ions

... it makes me so cold thinking about creatures living out there

... for that matter, might not the sun, a giant ball of hot plasma,
be full of energetic life forms?

... the eskimos believe that the solar winds, which cause the northern
lights, are evil spirits, cast out of the sun, and landing on earth

... exiled from the sun, sent to live on the remote planetary rocks

... that thought somehow warms me


2012 by zentara