the roots of conciousness

... so it comes down to I think, therefore I am

... but what is this thought process, the way we psychologically
interact with the external world?

... upon introspection, I sense an eternal world, visible thru my imagination,
and feel a material world, which is my connection to the earth, my root

... my feet get cold, I get hungry, horny, depressed, eleated, and
all the other aspects of having a material footprint on earth

... so far, the pleasures have exceeded the pains, so I wake up
for another day of existence, like a pavlovian dog

... wake up, wake from the eternal dream world where I prefer
to spend most of my unconcious time

... the human body almost seems like a root in the material world,
with the vast majority of my existence, in the invisible eternal world.
... the soul world, the world of the ancestors and the gods an iceburg, most of what we are, is invisible when viewed from the surface


2012 by zentara