nuclear war realities

... I confess, I aspire to be amoung the gods
... after seeing human mortality, who wouldn't?

... as such, I have in my mind, made psychic connections,
with the gods, and they from time to time, use me to
convey a message or two into the 4D world's mass conciousness

Here is a one of them messages:

... there is all this fear building about impending nuclear
actions in the mideast

... for years, the belief has been built into our minds,
that the nuclear option was so unthinkable, that they
became useless, weapons so horrible, that even we wouldn't
want to use them

... not to mention the environmental types, who would freak
at a radiation count coming in the daily weather reports, in the aftermath

... it's the aftermath that counts, and is why the gods are
prompting me to remind everyone of the horrible aftermath of
a nuclear exchange

... contrary to popular belief, the human race could set off
100's of atmospheric nukes, and have little impact on our
collective future as a species

... just as we did, during the post World War 2 days, of
atmospheric testing... we blew up alot of bombs out in the desert
...they kind of want us to forget about that ugliness

... I point this out, to show how life goes on after
a series of blasts

... if blasts like that occured in Nevada or New Mexico
today, people would freak out... but in the long run,
nothing happened to us as a species... a few locals in the
area were all hung on the cross, with radiation induced problems
... acceptable losses, as the doctors of Babylon say

... so, my point is, nukes can be used, and we should really think
about it

... if the Ayatollah feels its his cosmic duty to annihilate
Israel and the US with nuclear weapons, just consider what will

... first, you will get your punch in first, maybe by destroying some
Israeli city, or even a US target
... just like you can't stop an assasin, you can't stop a well
trained military delivering a bomb... all you can do is try to
catch them after the act happens

... so either side can deliver the first blow, both have fingers on
the trigger

... but if there is a first nuclear blow, then comes the overwhelming retaliation
... your 3 major cities will be giant holes in the ground, with
the rest of the population blinded and with radiation sickness
... the world will be so aggravated by the first attack, that
it will ignore the pleas of help coming from your remaining countrymen
in the refugee camps, leaving your country a shambles for many centuries

... now is that what Allah really wants? No!

... so Ayatollah, as you sit there with your finger on the trigger,
think of the aftermath

... we know you have a powerful punch available, but remember the retaliation
will be absolutely crushing

... crimes of this level are covered by the Old Testament rules
... wicked ugly, with no remorse


2012 by zentara