the hyperbole

... this is the day, when all good practicing citizens of Babylon,
should at 6:30 PM EST, turn facing toward the great tube god,
and sing their praises and joys to the gladiators on the field

... the great Collosium, the new version 2.0, where the action
is bloodless, and the sex-slave captive virgins of old, are now
cleanly iconified as the cheerleading team.
... god, you just have to love a clean young atheletic female's body
... able to bend and twist so sweetly

... ooooh, my mind drifted, back to Babylon :-)

... what is Babylon?

... It is the world that Eve promised Adam, when she enticed
our collective hyperbolic grand dad to bite the fruit from that tree

... it is the world that the devil promised Jesus, when tempting
Him in the desert

... we, right now are living in it

... we, the chosen few, have been given the chance to actually
witness mankind's attempt at emulating heaven on earth

... there is one glitch in Babylon to report, too many deaths,
too much violence, no order

... the world has become the "hanging gardens of Babylon",
but in the context that many are being hung on the cross, in
jesus-speak terms... just like the old roads out of Rome were
lined with crosses for the rebels who dared to challenge Rome

... I even love the way Giselle is asking for prayers for luck
for her gladiator hubbie, maybe God will make an appearance at halftime?
... wouldn't that be the ultimate hype?
... the real Jesus at the half time show, giving the odds on the
events to come in the second half, saying how God the Father really
finds the human race amusing now, and is sorry that He first kicked us out

... what was I thinking? God didn't like roasted calf and gold trinkets
back then, why would He now?

... oh, sounds like I'm preaching again, it must be Sunday!


2012 by zentara