remembering the gridiron

... as superbowl 46 approaches, I have to take time
to remember my memories of playing football in a tough high school

... I was very overweight, but like the old Refridgerator Perry,
I could move quickly and laterally fairly well
... I controlled the center of the defensive line
... few ran my way with power plays

... I really didn't like to play, but my friends, family and
school expected me to... I couldn't wait for the season to end

... the back of my hands were always swollen from whacking
opponents helmets with a backhand, and my knees and ankles were taking a beating,
but I was young and healed quickly
... oddly, as I'm now older and getting stiff joints, it's my ankles and
knees which are still strong and healthy

... I still think it was valuable training, as it taught me how
to analyze kinetic force, so I could safely engage opponents at close range,
like gridiron judo ... avoiding trips, tripping people, throwing people down,
tackling and blocking

... our team, never really tried, but we were good enough to beat
anyone on any given day... thats what you learn about sports, everyone
has bad days and good days, ups and downs, who's hot and who's not
... luck

... I'm a very competitive person, and I really didn't like being on a losing
team, but it taught me great lessons

... didn't the bible say the losers now are later to win?
... I learned about that one

... would I play again if given another life? Probably not, but
things seem different when you are a 13 year old pumped with testosterone

... now the truth is starting to come out, concerning the misery that
most contact sports players silently endure

... the pain pills, the injections, the concussions, joint damage, etc.

... don't envy those players who you see on the field this Sunday, as most
endure suffering that very few ever know


2012 by zentara