is earth our final destination?

... I've been hearing stories in the news lately,
about the wonders of the drug ketamine, to cure
depression... I believe it is the same chemical that
killed Micheal Jackson

... why aren't people happy? So unhappy that we need
chemicals to restore our brain's happiness?

... is it years of junk food?
... is it invisible chemicals polluting our bodily fluids?
... chemicals we gladly produce to give us cool things
like cars, tvs, and cell phones?... making us complicitly
guilty in creating our own unhappiness

... after years of wrestling with unhappiness, I have learned
that earth is not meant to be a totally happy place
... even if your karma has attained the heavenly status
of the Golden Child, the beast always seems to come to destroy
your little bubble of happiness on earth

... the beast demands things like rent, money for food and water,
and secondarily causes all sorts of misery for us, like the rat race,
the invisible foreign enemy, and killer inter-personal relationship problems,
which drain our energies and make earth seem like a living hell

... I think the bible even says that earth is not our final home.

... why would a soul stay here, on a planet where the beast is free to fly at will?

... now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining to the beast,
I'm just sayin...


2012 by zentara