a chicken in every pot

... I keep hearing barking in the various political arenas,
about the need for people to take individual responsibility
for their lives, and get out and earn a living, get off the government dole

... well saying that kind of stuff was righteous back in the glory days
of american industry, but now, it is just a cop out, to avoid the
real issue of overpopulation, and the fact that there isn't enough work
for everyone

... I'm sure, 99.9% of the unemployed would jump at a chance to
work as a lobbyist in Washington, even at a reduced pay rate
of say.... $500,000 per year

... there just is not enough work for all people, and we just have
to learn how to have alot of unemployed people

... I mean when I grew up, the typical setup in the social order
was for a man and woman to marry, the man goes to work, and
the woman stays home ... thats a 50% reduction in the number of people
seeking work, plus it improves the concept of family, since one partner
is always at home

... they make both partners work now

... nowadays, kids seem to be raised on TV, day care centers, and
store bought, premade food, rather than having a parent at home
baking fresh bread everyday, making dinners from scratch

... our society and it's economic conditions have become out of whack
with the pursuit of our internal happiness


2012 by zentara