the space weather

... as we sit in our little sheltered oasis, earth

... we are protected, as if in a safe harbor, from the storm
of the cosmic seas of outerspace... the blasts from the
sun and local galaxy

... without the shields of the Van Allen Belts, all life
on the surface would die, leaving only deep sea creatures

... Russian scientists have claimed they found life on the
super dense hot surface of Venus
... this is not surprising to me, as scientists have also found
life in the super dense depths of our oceans, living on volcanic
sulphur plumes

... so life could exist under much harsher conditions than we
experience here ... but up here on the rock surfaced air-world,
we would be decimated without our magnetic umbrella

... the umbrella is produced automatically for us, by the swirling
magma in the core of the earth, the goddess Pele doing her spinning dance

... I remember Pele, always

... it's a wild world up there, above the ionoshere, where the
solar winds blow... and they are blowing hard right now


2012 by zentara