bootlegging twinkies

... I was always happy when I heard news stories
about various school systems switching their lunch
menus to something healthy, away from greasy foods
... or when they ban certain items like soda pop from
the school's vending machines

... it's all great right?, and portends for healthier
and leaner students, who will then be more successful,
rather than becoming couch potatoes

... but what happens when these great ideas mesh with the
real world? Twinkie smuggling happens.

... reports are now emerging of a junk-food blackmarket
operating in the schools

... enterprising young people, realizing that there is a buck
to be made in providing for the cravings of fellow bored students,
are smuggling in candy bars, pop, gum, cakes, etc etc

... who said kids are not being taught well in schools?

... these kids are business geniuses


2012 by zentara