one of the clues to enlightenment

... a young grasshopper asked the guru, how
would he know, as to when he is enlightened

... the guru said, you'll know it when it happens,
and if you have to ask, it ain't happened yet

... so I sit here thinking, have I been enlightened yet?

... my friends joke about me being a guru-wannabe

... but I wonder, at what point on the path
am I?

... I am curious, because I have been initiated
as a White Tara, and promised that it meant I would
attain enlightenment before my human death
... so (gulp) if I am close, so may be my harvest
by the gods :-(

... so if someone can prove me wrong, please do. :-)
... but watch out, the cosmic ocean is full of giant
energy waves... the rollers are easy, the breakers are dangerous

... Enlightenment usually comes from a greater
awareness of how things play out in Time, and
if there is one key jump in the thought process,
that marks the correct path, it is the change
in your perspective from being an earthling to
being a cosmic creature

... just as the Russian's have discovered life
on Venus, we humans are in a petri dish of sorts,
we are conciousness itself incarnated into the 4d world
of atomic water... we can live an oxygen rich gas
... but what are we? children of the earth, or children
of the universe? or both?

... so, where does cosmic life start and stop? What are the
boundaries for a correct definition of life?

... might there be creatures of immense energy signatures
living in the Sun... creatures in the 4rth state of matter, plasma
... gods to us mere mortal humans

... might there be giant cosmic energy fish of sorts,
that come and feed upon earth's energies, as the swim
thru the ocean of strings and quarks?

... we know very little about the invisible world of
the dark energy

... I'm so unenlightened.


2012 by zentara