the lessons of life

... if God asked me to fill out a small questionaire
about my spiritual experiences on earth, this is what
I would probably say:

... At my current point on the path to enlightenment, I must
admit, I feel a prisoner, a soul trapped in a human body

... I am being forced to learn the lessons of attaining
conciousness in an imperfect, but beautiful world

... I would like fly thru this world, as if it were a dream,
but the need for food, water, and the general level of
dog-eat-dog terror which permeates the current mass conciousness,
acts like a chilling anchor holding my soul trapped
in the material world... freed only when dreaming

... so it's as if being awake is the price we pay for the priviledge
of dreaming at night... or day dreaming for that matter :-)

... finally, this life is all I truly know, everything else is educated
speculation... but there is one unassailable fact: I am concious.
I understand I am being given the chance to comprehend what heaven is
... for that, I am eternally grateful.


2012 by zentara