new gun surveillance technology

... I saw a news item today on a new imaging technology
which allows the user to see thru everyone's clothes

... it works by detection of radiation which emanates from
your body, probably infrared, so anything you have strapped
on the outside of the body, shows up as a shadow

... I remember a consumer video camera that Sony released awhile
back, which had excellent infrared detection
... people said they could see thru peoples clothes with it,
seeing their heat emanations from the body
... apparently, you could see everything :-)

... Sony pulled the camera quickly

... since then, I have learned that almost all video
cameras have excellent infrared sensitivity, if you can remove
the filters built into the optical lens

... anyways, the question is whether the government has
the right to look at your infrared heat emanations as you
move about in public

... I say so, I think we should all walk around naked anyways

... then there is nothing to hide :-)

... if you don't want people looking at you in public, stay home


2012 by zentara